The Political Arena of Akshay Sharma

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Akshay Sharma Into The Political Arena

It was in 2013 that Akshay’s life crossed paths with politics. At that time, he did not realize that what he was stepping into was the beginning of a thriving career in politics. After spending the last 2 decades of his life as a vintage collector from a non-political background, Akshay began his higher education in the form of a Bachelor’s degree in Ayurvedic Medicine from the recently established Guru Ravidas Ayurved University, Hoshiarpur in 2011.

An institute established by the State Government under special circumstances, Akshay entered the institute with hopes of attaining a successful professional education. However, calamity struck as Akshay in the middle of his higher education the Universty’s affiliation and other requirements were cancelled, leaving him and 400 other student high and dry. The officials informed them that their admissions were invalid and they could claim a refund of their admission charges. This blow leveled by the Central Council of Indian Medicines left hundreds of students helpless in the face of authorities that refused to address their concerns and staring at a future that was so close to their grasp.

Lead by Akshay, The association of ayurvedic students had to force their entry into the Vice-chancellor’s office to get their answers, and yet no solution came to them. The next 2-3 years were spent approaching countless authorities in the hope of some relief. It was under a stay order by the High Court that Akshay and his fellow students were finally allowed to sit for the exams and enter a professional life. However, these years trying to get solutions for himself and the students who looked up to him as a helping hand in tough times changed him in the best way possible. He found in himself, a leader whose new aim in life was to help those in need of his assistance and do everything in his power to bring a better change in the lives of the youth and those in want.

At 20, he met with a few leaders and officials from the Indian National Congress at the Congress Future Leaders Program in Amritsar, and thus began his final entry into the political arena. Leading a rally of overwhelming leaders in some of the most politically-tense areas in Punjab, it was realized that Akshay had a flair for politics and a mind that was un-paralleled amongst his contemporaries.

In 2015, Akshay was appointed as the chairman for NSUI from Pune and brought with himself a fresh wave of volunteers into the organization. Membership rose from a mere 15,000-20,000 per year under him to a record breaking 90,000. The first ever Hindu to participate and win the elections, Akshay showed everyone that he was a man of mettle and would take the world by a storm.

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Promises Made Promises Kept

"To make a promise is an easy task. What shows true determination is the ability to keep those promises and make new ones that inspire and lead. Politicians make promises everyday. What's important is to live up to what's expected and go further beyond."
Akshay Sharma
State President, Punjab NSUI
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